We run the station on a shoe-string budget and always welcome donations – we are totally dependant on our listeners and friends for our income.   Our volunteers are all unpaid and give their time freely to the team – without their hard-work and dedication the Radio could not operate. 

We have costs for various internet and radio licences and apps, and various overheads and other essential services.  Therefore ANY contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated! Thank you and God bless!  Please help by donating here – “every little helps”!

We are grateful to Helen Armstrong, Liz Asher, Laura Calnan, Tony Chandler, Debbie Colby, Claire Conway, Jacque Frances, Ian Fish,  Laura Godchild, Fr Lawrence Lew OP, Liz Kennedy, Caroline Lees, Marcin Mazur, Maureen Oliver,  Meham Jayasuriya, Nancy Dushkin and Richard Maguire for allowing us to use their beautiful paintings or photographs on the website

Heaven’s Road Catholic Online Radio Committee:
Bishop Paul Hendricks – Southwark Diocese
Gerry Coates – Project Director
Roger Neale – Studio Manager

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