Just a Catholic Dad – Presented by Sean McCarney

Faith, family and fatherhood with Sean and daughter Caitie

161.  What a calamity!  A World Book Day Rescue, the great vacuum cleaner incident and trying to overcome problems with prayer

159. Stuff – Caitie does science and Sean does the science of coffee

158.  Who killed Cock Robin – Sean wonders whether he’s doing enough to keep Caitie’s faith on track

157. Wands and Crucifixes – Caitie has a party and gets Lego overload

156.  Schadenfreude -We see the Charlie Brown movie, get ready for Caitie’s Birthday and discuss the challenges facing the Anglican church at its big meeting

155.  Mercy, Mercy Me – Star Wars, Christmas and Mercy.  Simples!

154.  A present under the tree : Caitie’s caught under the tree, Sean wonders what to write in a Missal and wades his way through the report from the Synod on the Family

153.  Safyre and Diamonds – Safyre strikes a chord, but Amahl doesn’t and  Cinderella makes Caitie cry

152.  Cats Dogs and walking backwards to Christmas -The McCarney cats distract Sean and Caitie has a dream.  Also what happens when we get Advent and December all mixed up

151.  Cardiologists and Cardies – Sean has a hearty time, Caitie has to deal with change, oh and here comes Armaggedon!

150. Sacrifice – The dog ignites, Caitie goes for a new look and Sean thinks talks about remembrance and sacrifice.

149.  Farewell to a Lady – We say goodbye to the Vulcan, Caitie gets upset by a teacher, and what does ‘Nashville’ have to do with the Synod on the Family?

148.  Pondering the Pope – Sean embarrasses Caitie [constantly], Nicki’s away and we ponder the Pope

147.  Diffferent Dreams -The McCarneys discover the Disneyland Magic and people across Europe follow a different and more critical dream

146.  Fort Clucks – Caitie gets a certificate, Sean gets lonely and the chickens get Fort Apache

145.  One armed candle bandit – Caitie does more acting and Sean sees something scary at Mass!

144.  Finding the Joy! – Sean takes up sport, Caitie gets acting and Sean asks if we’ve lost sight of the joy of the Faith

143.   Macca Unchained – Sean breaks free, Caitie becomes civic minded and Corpus Christi in Salisbury

142.  Caitie goes to Oz – Caitie leaves home, we finally put up the greenhouse and forgiveness and reconciliation in action

141.  Crossing the line – Nimoy, Caitie fights the fairy corner, Sean NEEDS to go to Confession and Caitie makes her first Reconciliation

140.  Caitie and Hettie – Caitie says goodbye to Hettie, Sean gets radioactive and cogitates on the death penalty

139.  Just walking out – Sean takes a walk, Caitie continues on her journey to be a mermaid and a dip into politics and Catholic Social Teaching

138.  Slow Boat to Summer – A family Easter, Caitie has her first audition, and Sean gets fed up with his Facebook Nemesis

137.   Information Overload – Sean gets far too much information, Caitie gets the dress of her dreams and we cogitate on Dolce and Gabbana

136.  First Solo – Caitie’s first solo and Sean goes through the recent letter from the bishops of England and Wales

135.  Doctor, Doctor – Caitie fights the fairy corner, Sean NEEDS to go to Confession and Caitie makes her first Reconciliation

133.   Caitie wants a Furbie and develops a liking for hot water bottles!  Sean eavesdrops on conversations in The Silver Plough and they both look forward to First Reconciliation

132.  Some of the people …:  An update on Sean’s medical issues, Caitie has a frozen birthday, there’s a spat on Facebook and a joyful Youth Mass

132.  Relics:  A historical day out in London and Caitie prepares for her First Reconciliation

131.   Midsummer Farley Looking back at Christmas, facing ‘the poor’ and thoughts on that French Magazine

130.  Wired for Sound:  Unwelcome visitors, Caitie gets performing, Sean gets wired and the First Holy Communion journey continues

129.  Curves and Bumps:  An autumn of two halves and Caitie starts her First Communion Journey

128.  Tabitha:  The meadow rises, Caitie quizzes Tabitha and we’re all go for First Holy Communion

127.  Accidental Grace:  Caitie becomes a music critic, the news gets Sean down, an annoying child at Mass

126.  Seasons Change:  Harry Potter, Jane Austen and Caitie does the weather.  The McCarney family Summer is over and Sean has a few thoughts on the situation in Iraq

125.   Goodbyes and Farewells :   Caitie wins a prize. Pitton celebrates summer. How to say Goodbye

124.  The Pancake Rhumba :  Confession, napalming Ground Elder, Daddy-daughter time,  and Sean gets annoyed  with Gloria

123.  Smokin’!:  Caitie plays chicken and Sean moves forward in his decluttering

122.   Finding the Joy!:  The study-o gets a makeover, Sean sees Olympic-standard drinking whilst on holiday and has problems with keeping focus on The Faith

121.  Chhurpi:  Caitie learns stuff and finally the answer to THAT Holy Homework question! This week’s 60 Second Saint is St Anthony of Padua

120    Give it up!:  The house is annoying Sean, Caitie is walking oddly, Lent and a 7 year old, and we begin the next phase of going to Mass