Festive Programmes


24 hours of continuous music, features, poems and prayers – dip into an intriguing pot pourri of programmes aimed to please our listeners

 Features include:

A Christmas Message from Bishop Paul Hendricks

A Story for Children from Wind in the Willows read by Andrew Nash

At the Crossroads  – Gerry Coates presents his choice of Christian blues

Celtic Hearts and Friends Special Christmas Treats

Christmas Poetry chosen and presented by Andrew Nash, Giulia James, Jillie and Kevin Abad

God’s Wonderful World – Kevin Abad presents the songs and poems of Gerry Coates

Island of Saints – St Edmund, the ‘old’ patron saint of England.  Presented by Stuart Burman

Jerusalem Calling – Declan Hayes joins Christian EAPPI monitors at the Bethlehem security checkpoint on the Feast of St Stephen,  where he witnesses first-hand the abject conditions of the Palestinian migrant workers to Israel

Jerusalem News – a modern version of the Nativity

Just a Catholic Dad – life seen through the eyes of Sean McCarney and his daughter Caitie.   3 episodes with a Christmas flavour –

  • Mary’s Alternative Family:   Caitie’s version of Mary’s family, taking children to Mass, Victim Catholics, Catholic News and more.
  • So Long Santa:  The McCarney Christmas Story; Caitie’s latest princess tale and Sean’s thoughts on Holy Days of Obligation
  • Darkness & Starlight:  The McCarneys go to the theatre, and Sean gets into Christmas early

Loud and Proud – an interesting mix of modern and upbeat Christian gospel music presented by Kevin Abad and Tina Antwi

Maloney’s Big Moment – an entertainment from Jimmy Cricket, well-known Catholic comedian and his friends

Noel’s Best Christmas Music of the 80’s

Ooberfuse, Catholic technopop group, present their favourite music and describe how their faith has influenced their lives and their music

Peace not War – Kevin Abad presents music on pro-peace and anti-war issues. Featuring music by John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and more!

Preparing the Way – the Favoured Woman.  The Annunciation in Mary’s own words.  Written by Judith Carpenter

St Mungo’s Cantata sung by over 600 children and recorded at a special service at St Mungo’s Cathedral, Glasgow

St Patrick’s Gospel Choir from Soho entertain with their magic

Welcome Child of Light – a Christmas Concert recorded in 2011 at  St Joseph’s  Church, Shirebrook

Your Favourite Carols, presented by Noel Bell