Fr Jim Clarke – Thoughts, Interviews and Music

Part 84   Bishop John Arnold talks about his hopes and fears for COP26

Part 82  Words fail me …      Part 83 Jacob talks about his Autism

Part 80  What are the children up to?    Part 81 The Children of St Malachy’s ask their questions!

Part 79   Reflections on the parish Eastertide   Part 78  Don’t judge me I’m a sinner

Part 76 Work Youth Day in Krakow Poland 2016, with Adam and Jack who went with the Salford Diocese party

Part 75  Pilgrimages with Northern Star Travel       Part 74  Clare on a plane           Part 73  CARITAS Refugee Week

Part 72  Mark Wiggin, CEO Caritas Diocese of Salford talks about their work in the Diocese

Part 71   Cornerstone, Salford part of CARITAS

Part 70  The world of changing media                  Part 69 The incredible story of Karl Ayling

Part 68  Bishop John Arnold talks about the changes being discussed for the  Diocese of Salford    Part 67  Painting Party

Part 66  World Youth Day, Krakow 2016                Part 64  Advent and the Year of Mercy

Part 63   I’m having a Rant about our politically correct world!

Part 62   Catholic Travellers  have an audience with the Pope           Part 61   Synod on the Family….the report

Part 60  Bishop John Arnold of Salford talks about the influence of Pope Francis

Part 59  Fiorella de Maria and her new book “We’ll never tell them”

Part 58 The Family Synod in October 2015               Part 57  Youngsters Today

Part 56  Laudato si     Part 55   Just a Catholic Priest

Part 54  Fr Robbie McDougall – Parish Priest and ex-musician from Canada

Part 52  Why become a Catholic?   Part 53 The Teachings of the Church so often misunderstood

Part 49   Are you a member of a Club?     Part 50 Ever done anything stupid?    Part 51 – Why do we care?

Part 46   Have I got talent?      Part 47   Blessings for the whole year        Part 48  The Family

Part 43   Thank you Rose!       Part 44    Do you know your Church?      Part 45   CAFOD

Part 41   Sign and Symbol in the Church         Part 42   The Saints on high

Part 38    Why do I need to go to confession?        Part 39   Busy Times Ahead    Part 40  Happy New Year! 

Part 35   Back to the Good Life               Part 36   Alastair gets a reply!         Part 37 Advent is upon us

Part 33    How we deal with people matters!                 Part 34   Bishop John Arnold, Bishop of Salford

Part 30   Sr Noel Barron  – Vocations Director of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of St Joseph 

Part 31   Mozart in a modern Church setting                 Part 32   Religious language can be a problem?

Part 29   Joseph Pearce – From National Front to devout Roman Catholic      

Part 26   Australia calling!       Part 27   A Fanfare of Strumpets   Part 28  Dennis Wrigley  and the Maranatha Community

Part 24   Thanks to the volunteers at Heavens Road FM             Part 25    St Anne’s Openshaw’s Favourite Hymns

Part 22   Students of St Thomas More School Radio    Part 23  Come back the students!

Part 20    Thought for the day       Part 21  No-one is beyond Redemption      

Part 17    Revolution in Podcasting        Part 18   All subjects covered        Part 19   Pope Francis in the Holy Land              

Part 15    Are your children missing from Church?        Part 16    R U out of your comfort zone?

Part 13    How tribal are we?                Part 14    Easter Blessings      Part 14a    Easter Triduum plus the WI

Part 11     Stations of the Cross            Part 12   What is it that tweeks your interest?

Part 9   Rock Opera and Kenya           Part 10   Good Life Orphanage Kenya Special  (See pictures in our Gallery

Part 6   Vocations         Part 7   Words can hurt!        Part 8  Good things happening in the Parish           

Part 1             Part 2              Part 3 Christmas edition             Part 4             Part 5   Welcome Cardinal Vincent Nichols!

Poems and prayers                                  The Lalley Centre with Sr Reta Lee, who runs the Centre in Manchester