Words of Life

Words of Life – Comforting Christian words and music – hosted by Julie Hughes

Part 49  Finding God in the Vineyard   Part 50  Chris Tomlin – Christian singer and evangelist
Part 46  God’s Transforming Light in Lockdown Darkness  Part 47  God cares for us!   Part 48 For the Love of God!
Part 43 Our travels in the Holy Land   Part 44 Be transformed – call on Jesus  Part 45  Jesus’s Light in Lockdown
Part 40 Finding God in Prayer    Part 41   Citizen of Heaven     Part 42  He is Risen
Part 37  Gifts and Humility   Part 38  Telling Others   Part 39  Seek the Loving Arms of the Living God
Part 32 Travels in the Holy Land    Part 33 Prophets     Part 34 Treasures      Part 35  Suffering     Part 36 Miracles
Part 31 The Mystery of God, with Paul Dempsey, Debbie Walcott (New Dawn) and Lucy Walker (Little Way Healing Ministry)
Part 29  Part 30  Part 30a Heaven is for Real – Christian Evangelist Roz Powell explores death and faith, Heaven, her husband’s failing health, atheism, and Baptism in the Holy Spirit and much more with Julie Hughes. Ros’ mission statement is “To increase Heaven and decrease hell”. She trains and equips others to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Part 28  King of Kings with Charles Whitehead. Charles is well known in the Charismatic movement in the UK and overseas
Part 26   Love’s Righteousness        Part 27   Waiting here for you
Part 26   Healing on the Streets – Andrew Fava and Les Smith, both from Cor et Lumen Christi talk about their work on the streets, reaching out to the ones especially those needing physical healing
Part 25    Healing on the Street – Simon Tierney, leader of the HOTS ministry in Camberley Hants. HOTS is the church taking the Gospel to the streets of Britain in a truely practical way
Part 24    Fostering and helping vulnerable babies   Part 21    God of Surprises – God’s love in action for the marginalised
Part 19  Prepared to Change – 2      Part 20  God’s love in a Prison Cell with Ros Powell
Part 18  Prepared to Change – 1 with Nicky Gumbell who founded the Alpha Project
Part 16  Corpus Christi          Part 17  Martin Smith from Delirious?
Part 12  Perfect Love Casts Out Fear          Part 13  Hope           Part 14  God’s Promises          Part 15  Our Father’s Love
Part 09  Prayer Power – Part 1        Part 10  Prayer Power – Part 2       Part 11 Have No Fear
Part 05  Shepherd King      Part 06  Be Not Afraid        Part 07  Follow Me – Part 1        Part 08  Follow Me – Part 2
Part 01  Ascension                Part 02  Pentecost              Part 03  Mercy – Part 1                Part 04  Mercy – Part 2