Prayers, Reflections and Meditations

Angelus – Bishop Paul Hendricks       Fr Jim Clarke          Fr Denis O’Gorman
The Rosary –     Fr Jim Clarke         Jacque Frances
Bishop Paul Hendricks Reconciliation/Confession
Reconciliation – an explanation for children                           Prayers from ‘A white candle’ read by Janet Heron
My most important prayers – presented by Janet Heron        
12 prayers presented by Barbara Mack      

5 Minute Saints – Written by Hayley Marjolim, presented by Kevin Abad
St Anne                      St Anselm                    St Benedict                      St Bernadette                      St Clare
St Elizabeth               St Francis                    St Gabriel                         St John the Baptist            St Therese of Lisieux

Don Maclean sings the Parables

Food for Thought – Gerry Coates
Addiction                                Angiogram and souls                                 Big Ben tick tock
Don’t rush your prayers     Effort/sinless                                                Empty seas and dolphins 
Enjoy life and God               
Enjoying food                                                Footsteps in the sand
Friends sharing food           God’s tour guides                                         Guarding us when asleep
High speed priests               Missed Mass                                                   Money vs time
Sunburn                                  Taxes                                                                Technology?
The Beggar                             Touch of God’s hand                                    Travel guide to heaven
True friends                            Why? 

Listening with the Heart – Daily Scripture Reflections with Emily Westlake
Part 1        Part 2        Part 3        Part 4        Part 5         Part 6

Meditations with Fr John Daley IC, music by Alison Kennedy of the Watermeads Apostolate
Going home                        People of God                  Song of Life                  Pathways                          The Lord’s Way
Song from the womb       Temple of the Lord        Returns                          Childhood memories    Celtic farewell  
The pieta                             Friends in prayer            I call you friends         The Walsingham pilgrim  

Mysteries of the Rosary, including words of St Pio – spoken by Janet Heron, music by Jacque Frances
Joyful     Sorrowful     Glorious     Luminous

Pause for Reflection  with Maggie Quinn
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5      Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9

Prayers by Fr John Woolley – Presented by Jon Hardy
Day 1        Day 2        Day 3        Day 4        Day 5         Day 6         Day 7

Reflections on our faith – Life’s Journey with Emily Westlake
Part 1        Part 2        Part 3        Part 4        Part 5         Part 6         Part 7         Part 8

Thought for the Day – Fr Robert Rainbow
Spread happiness                               Bankers, the economy and charity          Spreading the good news
Self image and beloved of God       Spreading the good news                            Morality and concern for others
Mid-summer solstice perfection    Buckfast Abbey                                              Disorderly behaviour -Street Pastors
Disability and Jesus’ teachings       Wisdom of ‘old age’                                       God’s wonderful world
Marriage is made in Heaven          
Anger and perspective                                 Pope Benedict’s visit in 2010

William’s Moments of Inspiration – William Cocodia
A hopeless case                 Appreciation                 Belief in Prayer             Conviction and the ripple effect

Creating Life’s Balance          Do as I say                Faith                                Fatherhood                   Grace
Life’s experiences            Miracle                            Part of God’s Plan         Perception                     Reaction
Simplicity                           Timeline                         What is important?       Who Inspires You?       You are enough